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How Promotional Products Work for Your Business

Have you or your company considered using promotional products and or materials to help boost awareness of your venture?

Promotional Marketing is a common strategy but most businesses do not often implement their strategy effectively. Promotional Product Campaigns can cover a wide array of different opportunities. The bags of goodies that we all acquire at trade shows and conferences, or those free gifts for being a member of a club, magazine and or organisation. There is also the giveaways, competitions and sweepstakes, where prizes can be an all-inclusive holiday, new car, and kitchenware just to name a few. These are all examples of different forms of Promotional Marketing campaigns.

When to use Promotional Products

  •          Thank you Gifts
  •          Employee Appreciation
  •          Event Merchandise
  •          Trade Show & Event Branding
  •          Giveaways, Sweepstakes & Competitions

What to consider when choosing to use Promotional Products

  •   Give away useful items that have purpose
  •    Be creative when designing (WoW Factor)
  •   Target your audience, Quality over Quantity

Products with Purpose

Firstly, it’s important to always remember the promotional items are for your clients. Secondly it’s imperative to select a product that addresses their needs and suits their taste. The British Promotional Merchandise Association Patrons (BPMA) statistics show that promotional items deliver an equal or higher ROI than other types of advertising – but that impact increases exponentially if your promotional product is repeatedly used by the customer. So a functional product is

What are some examples of Promotional Products with Purpose?

  •  Pens
  •  Mints
  •  USB Memory cards / Stick
  • Cutting Boards
  • Water Bottles / Cups
Branded promotional products that have a purpose not only offer a use for every day but also ensure that those potential clients will be in reach with your company’s details. Additionally, if that client is allowing another person to barrow your company’s pen, USB Memory Card/ Stick, cup and so forth, they are essentially spreading the word of your business by sight. This is why design, branding and the overall look and use are essential to a successful promotional product strategy.

Design for Wow

Use this opportunity to stand out from your competitors. In today’s marketplace the world is becoming more and more transparent and competition is only going to increase. Great promotional materials should be organised and usable, similar to how a good website operates. Your brand and information should be easily identifiable. These branded materials need to also be able to capture the attention of your targeted audience and inspire them to try your services or products.
Quirky, witty and or creatively designed products is a proven effective method to capturing the minds of your prospective clients and or customers. Items designed with this in mind will leave a memorable impression of your business by leaving a branded footprint with your prospective target audience. These creative promotional products also give off a positive, innovative and imaginative perception that your organisation is creative with fresh ideas.

Targeting Your Audience

In order for you or your business to maximise the return on the investment of these promotional materials, it is essential to pick the right product that matches and compliments your industry. A good promotional strategy includes setting clear goals and objectives that will not only help you focus on a target but also streamline your marketing activities.

Infographic highlighting statistics on how Promotional Marketing is an effective tool for business.

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