Monday, 18 August 2014

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment, Why You Should Use a Fulfilment Provider.

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Processing and shipping orders to customers can be time consuming and painful. When you're taking care of your own fulfilment, there are numerous steps between getting a request and the customer accepting their items.

  • Following stock
  • Following shipments
  • Choosing a delivery administration
  • Printing transportation marks
  • Creating receipts,
  • Executing a drop delivering or request end-to-end satisfaction administration
Inventory Management
Inventory Management could be confusing, particularly when you have numerous channels through which you offer your products. Perhaps you have a eBay online store, a block and-mortar boutique, furthermore unload things on Amazon.
-How would you stay informed concerning stock when you've got requests rolling in from all over?

Invoicing is another pain point many shop owners have to deal with. When you achieve a substantial number of requests, making receipts gets to be monotonous and tedious.

Customer Services
As the popularity of your ecommerce efforts grow, so does the customer enquiries. You must consider the time it will take to respond and follow up to these enquiries. The last thing you want to do is to let your reputation tarnish due to not being able to handle the influx of customer enquiries. 

Fulfilment services handle your orders from beginning to end. Utilising JEM's eCommerce Fulfilment, all it takes is a shipment of your items from you to the stockroom, and you could be up and running. Requests will consequently be stuffed and sent by your particulars to your clients around the globe.

We provide on-demand e fulfilment solutions including:

• Real Time Payment Processing
• Full Service Web Store Functionality
   - We can also integrate our eCommerce platform with your existing Web site…you are then
     ready to trade with all major credit and debit cards. JEM manages all transactions for you,
     leaving you free to focus on your core activities.

Our clever e fulfilment systems provide complete control and transparency including:
• Request Controls
• Order Confirmation
• Order Transaction History
• Stock Availability
• Image View Reporting

Our ecommerce fulfilment service can also be used for internal stock orders within companies, enabling staff to order point of sale material and other marketing collateral for themselves and their customers.

With the JEM platform, your customers receive emails regarding the status of their order and, should they want to talk to someone, our Customer Services team is just a ‘phone call away.

It's an aggregate answer for the greater part of your delivery issues.

by Erik Miller
JEM Marketing & Fulfilment Services Ltd.
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