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How Fulfilment Services Can Help Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaign A Success.

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Direct Mail Marketing -The Keys

Direct Mail Marketing furnishes you with an approach to lead a test of the business sector in which you wish to operate. You'll know fairly rapidly whether the sector you're testing bears fruit or not.

However, executing a viable Direct Mail Marketing Campaign, is more about properly researching and planning the campaign. One must take into consideration that Direct Mail Marketing can actually be used in every phase of the sales funnel. Irrespective of whether you are concentrating on lead generation, promoting a new product or service, customer relationship management or engaging in database development, Direct Mail Marketing can be beneficial. Direct Mail can be used to send anything from creatively designed promotional packets, cards, letters, brochures and catalogues. The goal is to engage your customers.

This post will not educate readers on how to target and implement a successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign, but it will demonstrate how a fulfilment service can be your knight in shining armour.

What Can a Fulfilment House Provide in Terms of Assisting a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign?


Data Management:

Data is the MOST important Key to the success of any Direct Mail Marketing Campaign. The contacts to whom you wish to mail promotional material are your most important asset. With no list, you have no chance of delivering your material. However once you have that list, then you will need to cleanse it from any human typographical errors to ensure you don't waste valuable time and money sending material to incorrect emails or physical addresses.

How JEM will Help
We employ our own bespoke software. Our data processing team uses this to perform undertakings, such as data cleansing, information purifying, de-duplication and postcode verification. These tasks serve to diminish cost and waste, allowing you to stay up to date with the latest results, making your standard mail proficient while offering the best conceivable rate of return.

Postage & Packaging Materials:

Postage and packaging materials play a central part in all Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns. The cost to post and pack your catalogues, CDs, DVDs, brochures and any other items can be costly and impede on the number of mailings you will be able to dispatch.

How JEM will Help
When it comes to a successful Direct Mail Campaign the cost of postage and packaging, as stated before, will either make or break the success of your campaign. No matter if it is just for a mailing within British Isles or if you intend to go Global, that's where our expertise coupled with our resources will help cut your expenses. We are able to work with you to eliminate mailing expenses and find the maximum return on your mail campaign. The nature of JEM's Fulfilment business allows us to source packaging materials and postage at better rates than you and your business could obtain. Don't let the cost of postage and packaging become a buffer to the success of your Direct Mail achievements.


Fulfilment the task of sending the mailings to the identified customers. This process includes storage, inventory management, picking and packing and concludes with posting the materials required for a Direct Mail Shot. Our fulfilment services will cut down process and dispatch times while maintaining the integrity of your company's ethos and brand. While utilising our services, you can spend your time focusing on other Direct Mail Campaigns or business growth related activities. Our services are aimed to relieve you and your business of time consuming administrative activities while still giving you control over each process.

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