Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Fulfilment for The Developing Small Business

Let’s Meet Small Business Owner Tim

Tim is an ambitious entrepreneur. Eight months ago Tim decided to start a business on the side in his living room. He began an online shop selling board games. Not just any board games, but traditional children’s games made of wood. Tim sources these games from UK manufacturers.

To get things moving Tim bought a domain name and purchased a simple website builder package through the same company he bought his domain. Tim began selling four different games but as his business started to develop and the social chatter began to take place his product range grew from four games to now currently ten. When his range grew so did his stock quantities. His living room became his work shop and storage facility.

Within months Tim began to see his business take off. Tim was receiving 10-30 orders a day from his website. The growth of his business started to take a toll on his work and personal life. The volumes of orders began to eat his time outside of work. He was a one man band. Every order that came in, he personally processed, packed and shipped. Tim understood early on the seriousness of customer satisfaction. Tim made it a point to always respond to customer enquiries as soon as he can. This led him to slowly lose focus at work.

Tim was now in the crossroads. He started a business to make additional money on the side, but never considered it to be his main focus. However, now he is finding little to no time to manage his business, work priorities and his personal life effectively.

Out Growing Your Small Business Process

Tim is not the only victim of his success. When you run a small business, there are many factors that go into its growth. Being able to hold and manage stock as well as shipping your products are major catalysts for development, because it allows you to sell to so many more people. Processing orders efficiently will grow your customer base. In order to pack and ship successfully there are many variables to consider.

Scalable Fulfilment Services

JEM Marketing and Fulfilment has multiple onsite secure and modern storage facilities. Our storage facilities have the capacity to store your inventory which can be quickly picked, packed and shipped within minutes of an order being placed. Our staff picks, packs and ships thousands of customised orders a day to locations around the world.

JEM uses its very own bespoke fulfilment software that was developed and is maintained in house with our own programmers. This allows us to provide variety of bespoke solutions that most fulfilment companies cannot offer. We have the flexibility to customise reports, connect to ecommerce platforms, and customise inventory control options. JEM is able to offer traditional response fulfilment with tomorrow’s technology.

JEM also offers clients access to our post optimisation services so that clients can pick the most effective delivery method for their business. We’ve partnered with many top shipping companies to get our clients the best rates and services possible.

The Light For Tim

Tim can now relax and maintain his growing small business with the help of the services provided by JEM. Tim has now let go of his time consuming administrative duties and currently focuses on growth related activities. JEM currently manages Tim’s stock, order processing, ecommerce platform and customer support. Tim can now enjoy the fruits of his labours, enjoy his personal life and maintain his focus at work.

Does this story sound familiar?

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